Kem dưỡng phục hồi tái tạo, sẹo mụn Centellian 24+ Madeca Cream Hydrating

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Kem dưỡng phục hồi tái tạo, sẹo mụn Centellian 24+ Madeca Cream Hydrating

  • Giá gốc:Liên hệ
  • Giá bán:385,000 vnđ Đặt mua



Thông tin sản phẩm:
+ Tăng cường tái tạo, trẻ hóa da.
+ Thành phần Hydrating giúp cấp ẩm cho làn da, chống cho việc làn da của chúng ta bị khô ráp thiếu nước.
+ Cải thiện nếp nhăn, giảm các dấu hiệu lão hóa có thể nhìn thấy như các vết chân chim quanh vùng mắt và miệng, đem lại sự trẻ trung cho là da của bạn.

Centella Asiatica giúp tăng cường tổng hợp collagen, giảm thiểu sự xuất hiện của các nếp nhăn trên da.
+ Thúc đẩy việc chữa lành vết sẹo thâm do mụn gây ra, Centella Asiatica sẽ đem lại hiệu quả giúp làm hồng da, làm mịn và làm phẳng các vết sẹo thâm hiện có.
+ Làm mờ các vết thâm , nám.
+ Phù hợp với không chỉ làn da nhạy cảm mà dành cho tất cả các loại da cần cải thiện.


Centellian 24 Madeca Cream 
Centella Hydrating Formula - 50ml

Powerful rejuvenating Centella Asiatica extract to repair the skin's natural barrier for youthful, healthy and radiant skin.
Promotes scar healing: Featuring Centella Asiatica, this effective cream helps to pink out of skin while smoothing and flattening

existing scars. Hydrating and soothing, this gel speed up skin recovery process. 
Reduces visible signs of aging : Centella Asiatica helps to boost collagen synthesis, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles,

roughness, discolorations and slackened skin. Whitening and wrinkle care. 

Manufacturer : Dongkook Pharmaceutical
Brand : Centellian 24
Country of origin : Korea, Republic of
Composition / Capacity : 50ml
Main ingredient : Centella Asiatica
+ Moisturizing Skin
+ Improve dead skin cell
+ Care rough skin
+ Soothe iffitated skin by UV light
+ Relieve blemich / Pigmentation
+ Wrinkle Improvement
+ Improve skin density
+ Care damaged Skin
After using toner, apply madeca cream.
Gently wrap the face hands to help absorption of the product.

Does the Centellian 24 Madeca Derma

Cream Will Really Reduce Your Acne & Dark Spots?







Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Cream claims to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the external environment. 

With key ingredient TECA (Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica) — which is known to effectively heal wounds,

minimize scars, and promote skin regeneration — the cream gives the skin the immediate moisture it needs, all while

relieving freckles and dark marks. It also claims to be suitable for all skin types.

centellian 24 madeca cream review - image list 2


This cream has a whopping amount of 88 ingredients, yet none of it is an actual anti-acne. (But for the record, it doesn’t really

claim to be an anti-acne product, some beauty stores just claims it is. You can see the entire list in CosDNA Analysis.)

If you’re someone into skincare, professional or not, you’ll know that 88 is quite a lot for a product. Some of you might be

thinking, “that sounds good, it contains a lot of stuff.” I already discussed this in my previous post and in there I mentioned, 

the least the number of ingredients in a skincare product, the better. It means the product is purer. Need more convincing? Read

 this detailed post from Geeky Posh why less is better.

But out of those 88 ingredients, only five are notable which are Achillea Millefolium Extract and the Centella Asiatica Leaf

Water which is the main ingredient, it promotes wound healing, meaning they are anti-inflammatory which can at least reduce

the redness on the skin. Adenosine, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), and Niacinamide which have anti-aging benefits while the

latter, also doubles as a brightening product.

Having said that, this cream also contains a bunch of ingredients not suitable for those with sensitive skin such as essential

oils like Orange Oil & Extract, Lavender Oil, Jasmine Oil, and Cananga Odorata Flower Oil. Plus, it also has Alcohol Denant. So YMMV!

If you want to learn more about good and bad alcohol, check out this post.

Also, make sure to double cleanse day and night when using this twice a day,  because this product also contains Shea Butter and Synthetic

Beeswax which clogs pores.

centellian 24 madeca cream review - packaging


APPLICATION: Apply an adequate amount of the Centellian 24 Madeca Cream onto the skin. Gently massage/pat the cream all over

the face to aid speedy absorption. Or you can just directly apply it in areas where you need improvement like a spot treatment.

SCENT: It has the exact same scent as the Madeca Derma Mask, which resembles Klairs Supple Preparation Toner, the original formula.

But it kinda resembles an ointment for burns as well.

PACKAGING: It is packaged in a tube that resembles an ointment or a toothpaste. But it does not feel or look cheap either. It also comes

with a box with the same design and colors.

FORMULA: Well, speaking of ointment which I already mentioned twice, the Madeca Derma Cream’s formula really resembles an ointment.

It is creamy yet a little greasy and thick. It takes a while to be absorbed in your skin if you have an oily skin. It feels a bit greasy like a physica

l sunscreen and it leaves a donut glaze-like finish. Avid users have dubbed it “Madeca Glaze”. I may hate the feeling but in fact,

 creams with a formula like that actually work as a shield to protect skin moisture barrier and from other harmful effects of the environment.

centellian 24 madeca cream review - formula


Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled when I first use the Madeca Derma Cream. Maybe because I’m biased against greasy and glazy creams

because I have oily skin and lives in warm humid weather. Skincare products like those do not feel comfortable in a tropical country.

Plus, a facial wash alone cannot entirely remove the cream. That is why I was double cleansing both in my morning and nighttime

routine when I used this twice a day because it’s really hard to wash off, you will need an oil cleanser.

Having said that, in my first week, it worked as expected. Raiza Contawi, my favorite influencer who first promoted this product,

mentioned in her vlog that users will experience purging in the first week which happened to me, longer than that, she advised to stop using the cream.

before jumping on a skincare bandwagon, no matter how many people say it is miraculous, ALWAYS check the ingredients and patch test to know if it suits you. And remember, YMMV!

To those not familiar with it, to determine if it is a purge, the acne should appear in areas where you usually get them not in new

areas in your skin. And purging should last at least one to two weeks. If it lasted more than that, STOPPED USING THIS PRODUCT.

That is why when it took me two weeks and a half, I felt like nothing is still improving, both my small pimples and cystic acne are

still out and so red and more are appearing, I already stop using both the cream and the mask. And I also seek medical help from

a dermatologist (which I will blog later).

centellian 24 madeca cream review - result


I am NOT blaming anyone, just myself. Because I’ve already been on the skincare business for years and I became careless with this product

I didn’t check the ingredients nor patch test it before applying it on my face, I got too excited. The culprit is the four essential oils.

My skin can tolerate it if there’s only one, but two or more my skin will break out. So this is a lesson for me and anyone, before jumping on a

skincare bandwagon, no matter how many people say it is miraculous and it really worked on them, ALWAYS check the ingredients and patch

test to know it if suits you. And remember, YMMV!

centellian 24 madeca cream review - allergic reaction
This is actually more red IRL, my old phone kinda reduced the redness.


Obviously, I am not recommending this to those with sensitive skin. But if you still want a TECA cream that does the same thing but will

not irritate your sensitive skin, I recommend the By Wishtrend TECA 1% Barrier Cream. But if you want something that will both improve

your skin texture and reduce your acne, an actual anti-acne product, I recommend the Mesoestetic Acne One.


**These are based on my experience as someone with oily skin and sensitive to essential oils. If we don’t have the same skin type, seek other reviews.

PROS: It is hydrating and moisturizing. The glaze-like finish is actually a way to protect your skin moisture barrier and other harmful effects

of the environment. My skin also looks plumper and smoother whenever I apply this on my skin (until I got an allergic reaction from the 4 essential oils).

CONS: It has too many ingredients especially those four essential oils. This is not for those with sensitive skin. Plus, as much as

I like the benefit of a product covering my face from the harmful environment, it doesn’t feel comfortable. It feels too greasy like a physical sunscreen

(And I’m a person who uses chemical sunscreen.)



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